Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sample AP Exam Question

Fiscal policy and monetary policy are two tools used by the federal government to influence the United States economy. The executive and legislative branches share the responsibility of setting fiscal policy. The Federal Reserve Board has the primary role of setting monetary policy.

(a) Define fiscal policy.
(b) Describe one significant way the executive branch influences fiscal policy.
(c) Describe one significant way the legislative branch influences fiscal policy.
(d) Define monetary policy.
(e) Explain two reasons why the Federal Reserve Board is given independence in establishing monetary policy.

You have 25 minutes to answer all parts of this question. Your response will be counted as a quiz grade. Any talking or sharing of answers will result in a zero.

Period 1 - Paper 3 Outlines

Links to Paper 3 presentations:

Periods 1 and 6 - Mexican Timeline Assignment

You now have an assignment for your entry on the Mexican Timeline. On Monday, you are expected to turn in your entry on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper. It should contain:
  • The title of your entry in LARGE PRINT
  • A visual related to your entry that is at least 3"x3" in size.
  • A summary (written neatly or typed) of your entry that includes key information and explanation of its significance to Mexico's History
There is thick cardstock available on the east countertop of the classroom that you may use for your final draft. Please don't waste it. It's expensive and if you haven't noticed we're in the middle of the next Great Depression.

Your submission will be given a grade on a 10-point scale reflecting how well it met the assignment requirements. This grade will be recorded as a homework grade (remember that these grades are rare).

6th Period Assignments
Kate - I.M.F. Intervention
Lina - Huerta
Janese - 3Years War

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

AP Gov Links

In the News...

  • Governor Blagojevich (D-IL) has been arrested by the FBI. (transcript of the report available here)
  • Senators Dodd and Shelby appeared on the Newshour last night to explain the progress that has been made on the auto industry bailout plan.
  • The NYTimes has interesting story on the pay for auto workers working for the "Big 3" American firms versus Japanese firms.

HoA - Period 6: Mexican Presidents

For Alice's post on Miguel de la Madrid, click here.

AP Gov - Bush's FY '09 Discretionary Budget

This is a great graphical representation of President Bush's proposed budget for FY '09. It only contains discretionary spending, which means that it doesn't include mandatory spending (spending required by law). It's best viewed full-screen.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HoA - Mexican Presidents Since Cárdenas

HoA - Paper 3 Questions (Assignment for 1st period)

With your partners, prepare an outline to answer one of the following real Paper 3 questions. On Thursday, you will share your answers with the class.

1. Analyse the aims and impact of the NAFTA agreements. (2008)
2. Explain why liberalism had become discredited in Latin Americas by the 1930s. Answer with reference to one country of the region. (2005)
3. Analyse the aims and achievements of one populist leader in Latin America in the first half of the twentieth century. (2005)
4. Assess the main obstacles faced by American countries in order to achieve full implementation of two of the following: Pacto Andino; NAFTA; Mercosur. (2005)
5. Assess the domestic (internal) programme and policies of one populist leader of Latin America in the period 1900 to 1955. (2001)
6. With reference to one state in either the Caribbean or mainland Latin America, assess the advantages and disadvantages of foreign investment in that state during the first half of the twentieth century (2001)
7. Analyse the main political and economic developments in either Canada or in one country in mainland Latin America during the period 1960 to 1990. (2001)

Please email me a copy of your outline by Thursday morning, so we may view the outline on the SmartBoard: or

Monday, December 8, 2008

HoA - Correct Quiz Questions for Dec. 8th.

Wow!! Sorry for the mistake. Please indicate clearly on your quiz which of the following questions you are answering (choose one):

1. “By the end of the 1920s the original objectives of the Mexican Revolution had been abandoned.” To what extent do you agree with this judgment?

2. How important were economic grievances in causing the Mexican Revolution that began in 1910, and to what extent were these grievances solved by the Constitution of 1917?

3. To what extent were the aims of Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa realized during the Mexican Revolution (1910 to 1940)?

4. How successful were both moderates and radical in achieving their aims in the Mexican Revolution by the end of the 1920s?

(you can make text bigger by selecting from the menu bar: View ----> Text Size)

HoA: In-Class Resources for Dec. 8

Sorry I couldn't be in class today. I'm drinking lots of O.J. and eating chicken noodle soup so I can feel better tomorrow.

I've uploaded a sample "Flash Card" for you to use as a template for your group. Please turn in your flashcard on Wednesday morning and I'll scan them so we can look at them on the SmartBoard. Your group will spend about 5 minutes on Wednesday summarizing the important characteristics of your Mexican President's term. The "Flash Cards" should be 8.5"x11" in size. If you wish, you may ask Mr. Taylor to share some thick cardstock to make your flashcard. The cardstock is located on one of the shelves in the high cabinet closest to the classroom's window. The "Flash Card" will count as a homework grade (a rare event in our class) and your presentation on Wednesday will be counted as a participation grade.

The reading assignment for 6th period HoA is to read "Mexico Must Become a Nation of Rules and Laws" and "The Formation of the Single Party State". I've just loaded both readings to my account and they are available in the blue box to the right on this webpage.

Good luck on your quiz!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

AP Gov: In-Class Resources for Dec. 8

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I'm not here today, but I've been pretty sick all weekend. I plan on being back at school tomorrow.

The President-Elect's weekly address:

The NewsHour's segment on the economy can be found by clicking here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

HoA Reading Assignments

The reading assignment for 1st period HoA is to read "Mexico Must Become a Nation of Rules and Laws" and "The Formation of the Single Party State". I've just loaded both readings to my account and they are available in the blue box to the right on this webpage.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Great Article on Slate

Slate has a great article this morning on the coin crisis in Argentina. It seems that the Argentine public doesn't believe that there are enough coins in circulation and so have begun hoarding the coins that they can find.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the News...

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, December 1, 2008

APGov Reading Assignments: Dec. 1 - Dec. 5

Period 3
MONDAY - Janda pp. 577-587
TUESDAY - Janda pp. 587-594
WEDNESDAY - Janda pp. 594-597
THURSDAY - Janda pp. 597-601
FRIDAY - Janda pp. 601-607

Periods 5 & 7
MONDAY - Janda pp. 577-587
WEDNESDAY - Janda pp. 587-597
FRIDAY - Janda pp. 597-607

Period 4
TUESDAY - Janda pp. 577-587
THURSDAY - Janda pp. 587-597