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APGov - Periods 5&7 - Homework

Week of Nov. 30 - Dec. 4
MONDAY: Janda pp. 400-403; Obama's Afghanistan address (watch it or read about it); I.B. Coordinator coming to class on Wednesday
WEDNESDAY: Study for Ch. 12 Exam
FRIDAY: Chapter 12 Exam in class; Janda pp. 576-578

APGov - 3rd Period Homework

Week of Nov. 30 - Dec. 4
MONDAY: Janda pp. 320-325
TUESDAY: Janda pp. 325-331; Obama's Afghanistan address (watch it or read about it)
WEDNESDAY: Janda pp. 331-332
THURSDAY: Study for Ch. 10 Exam
FRIDAY: Chapter 10 Exam in class, Janda pp. 576-578

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APGov - 3rd Period Homework

WEEK OF NOV. 23 - NOV. 24
Monday: Janda pp. 311-320; extra credit test questions due tomorrow
Tuesday: Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

APGov - Periods 5&7 - Homework

WEEK OF NOV. 23 - NOV. 24
Monday: Janda pp. 389-400; Ch. 12 exam next Friday

Ch. 6 Exam Questions

There were three questions from the Chapter 6 exam that students expressed concerns about:

8. The largest circulation for a daily paper is claimed by:
a. the New York Times
b. the Washington Post
c. USA Today
d. the Wall Street Journal
While the textbook says that the Wall Street Journal has the highest circulation, this information is dated. Today, USA Today has the nation's highest circulation. I've decided to reduce the number of questions on the exam to 46 so students are not penalized for either answer choice.

16. Which of the following stories is most likely to make the televised evening news?
a. A murder in the city from which the broadcast originates
b. Efforts by a developing country to improve health care
c. A war between two foreign countries not allied with the United States
d. A peaceful transition of government in another country
There are two answers that can be rule out quickly: B and D. Choice A is superior to C because a murder in the city from which the broadcast originates is more newsworthy (there is a potential impact on the audience, it has a high degree of sensationalism, it has a close-to-home character, etc.). Choice C may be sensational because of its violence, but it doesn't meet as many standards of newsworthiness as choice A.

37. The public cites _______ as the most trustworthy news source.
a. radio
b. television
c. news magazines
d. newspapers
This was sent by a student who wrote, "Newspapers publish events and inform the public, and television tends to only show things that would be "entertaining" to the public." While this is a legitimate criticism of television news, it doesn't change the fact that the American public finds television more trustworthy than newspapers by a 2 to 1 margin (Janda 178).

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HoA Assignments [UPDATED 11/18]

Week of Nov. 16 - Nov. 20
MONDAY: Keen pp. 267-281, Porfirio Díaz: Hero of the Americas, Read articles in Economist's special section on Brazil for Friday.
WEDNESDAY: No textbook assignment, Economist's Brazil articles, quiz Friday
FRIDAY: Keen pp. 282-290

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

APGov - Interest Group Assignments [UPDATED 11/17]

Period 3
Manik, Kevin, Kathy N.O.R.M.L.
Malayika, Leah W., Zoe Greenpeace
Maggie, Elena, Robin A.A.R.P.
Steve, Abdullah, Jeremy P.E.T.A.
Kaitlyn O., Leah D. Sierra Club
Raquel, Gabriela Animal Welfare Institute
Wyeth, Daniel, Peter American Automobile Association

Period 5
Laura, Colette, Blair National Rifle Association
Sarah, Morgan, Niti Habitat for Humanity
Aaron, Frances, J.J. Human Rights Campaign
Shiva, Hagar, Matt Drug Policy Alliance Network
Stephen C. Friends of the Earth
Emma, Meredith, Maddy Solar Energy Industry Association
Biniam, Jorge, William National Council of la Raza
Anne, Arnold National Snack Food Association

Period 7
Emily, Kat, Ali Amnesty International USA
Anthony, Edward Motion Picture Association of America
Claudelle, Jill World Wildlife Fund
Catherine, Sam, Helen A.I.P.A.C.
Karen, Naomi Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research
Lelia, Ben, Nataly The Humane Society of the United States
Alex, Caitlin Partnership for a Drug-Free America
Liliana, Iara National Confectioners Association
Brianna, Shane, Jarrod F.A.R.M.

If your group is not listed or your group hasn't been assigned a group, please see me A.S.A.P.

APGov - 3rd Period Homework

WEEK OF NOV. 16 - NOV. 20
Monday: Janda pp. 181-184
Tuesday: Janda pp. 184-190
Wednesday: Study for tomorrow's Ch. 6 Exam
Thursday: Janda pp. 302-307
Friday: Janda pp. 308-311

APGov - Periods 5&7 - Homework

WEEK OF NOV. 16 - NOV. 20
Tuesday: Janda pp. 370-389; Ch. 10 Exam on Thursday
Thursday: Janda pp. 389-400

Friday, November 13, 2009

APGov - Periods 5&7 - Homework [UPDATED]

WEEK OF NOV. 9 - NOV. 13
Tuesday - Janda pp. 320-332
Friday - Janda pp. 370-374; Ch. 10 Exam on Thursday.

APGov - the influence of lobbyists

Read the series of articles from NPR on the influence of lobbyists on lawmakers and answer the questions in the google survey listed below. You may work with a classmate on this assignment (please pull your desks together if you do so).

If you can't read the survey, click on this link to get a full screen version.

Daily Show Polices the Media

Jarrod N. sent me this video from the Daily Show depicting how one news station used footage of a different event when describing crowds at last week's "tea party" protests at the U.S. Capitol. The NYTimes has a good article describing what took place. The Times writes "'The Daily Show,' ... has become one of the media’s prime monitors when it comes to calling out misuse or manipulation of video..."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Sean Hannity Uses Glenn Beck's Protest Footage
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mais Brasil na Mídia

We couldn't avoid Brazil stories if we tried. First the blackout and now The Economist is running a special section on Brazil. Of course, because it's the Economist the introduction contains this line about Brazil back in 2003: A country with a growth rate as skimpy as its swimsuits. It doesn't look like there's much in the special section on the Olympics or the World Cup, instead it seems to focus on the political and economic development of Brazil.

HoA - Supplemental Reading Assignment

For Monday, download and read Liberals and the Land by Luis Gonzákez y González.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

APGov - Periods 5&7 - In-Class Assignment

Sorry I'm not here today, but I'll be back for class on Friday. By the time you read this, you've already completed your exam (which I'm sure you did great on!) and you've started work on your worksheet. To complete the worksheet, you'll need to read two articles about interest groups and lobbying. Here are the two articles:
If you don't complete the worksheet in class, you'll have to complete it at home and turn it on Friday.

If you have extra class time, check out the article in my Digg box about the new online-only news website: the Texas Tribune (News Erupts, and So Does a Web Debut). Pretty interesting article - especially since we just finished the unit on the media!

Monday, November 9, 2009

APGov - 3rd Period Homework

Week of Nov. 9 - Nov. 13
MONDAY: Janda pp. 163-167
TUESDAY: Janda pp. 167-171
THURSDAY: Janda pp. 171-174
FRIDAY: Janda pp. 175-181

HoA Assignments

Week of Nov. 9 - Nov. 13
MONDAY: Keen pp. 183-192, Plan of Iguala
THURSDAY: Keen pp. 217-226

FYI: The next HoA quiz will be on Friday, November 20th

Friday, November 6, 2009

APGov Homework - Periods 5&7 [UPDATED]

Week of Nov. 2 - Nov. 5
WEDNESDAY: Janda pp. 302-311
FRIDAY: Ch. 6 Exam on Tuesday; Janda pp. 311-320; 3"X5" notecard for Interest Group Project due.

APGov - 3rd Period Homework

Week of Nov. 2 - Nov. 6
MONDAY - Watch election results
WEDNESDAY - Study for Ch. 9 Exam
THURSDAY - Study for Ch. 9 Exam, Janda pp. 160-163
FRIDAY - Janda pp. 160-163

Thursday, November 5, 2009

HoA Homework

Week of Nov. 2 - Nov. 5
MONDAY: Review Keen chapter on independence movements
THURSDAY: Keen pp. 178-183 and study for Monday's Quiz

HoA - Mexican Independence

Today's PPT:

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