Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HoA - Current Events Day

Post a link to your current event in the comments section of this post!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

APGov - Mock Congress on Tuesday

A few notes for Mock Congress on Tuesday:

1.  Committees, make sure that you are adequately marking up your bills.  The point of mark-up is to improve the bill's chances of passing in the whole Congress.

2.  Ms. Beer will be tracking participation in the Congress today and participation will count double!  Make sure to state your name before speaking in the Congress.

3.  I had difficulty finding a few bills on GoogleDocs.  The following authors should double check that their bill is shared on GoogleDocs with myself and the clerk as editors (you can use the iMacs to correct this in class):

  • Esther U.
  • Monika H.
  • Danielle H.
  • Kyle C.

I'll be back in school tomorrow,

Mr. McCarthy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

APGov - Advise and Consent Worksheets

If you have not turned in one of the two worksheets that accompanied the movie Advise and Consent, you can download the worksheet and turn it in completed to Mr. McCarthy.

HoA - Domestic Policies of U.S. Presidents

Your group will create and present a slideshow presentation in class summarizing the domestic policies of one United States president.  The slideshow should evaluate the relative success or failure of these domestic policies and offer evidence in support of your evaluation.  When creating your presentation, keep in mind the HoA description of Section 10:

"This section focuses on domestic concerns and political developments after 1945. The majority of states in the Americas experienced social, economic and political changes and challenges. ... Areas of study include: conditions for the rise to power of new leaders; economic and social policies; treatment of minorities."

The five presidents you will examine are:

Make sure to publish and share your slideshow with me (mccarthyroom3011[at]gmail[dot]com) and I will publish it on Room3011.  You will present the slidshow in class on Monday, May 18th (Period 4) and Tuesday, May 19th (Period 1).  Your presentation and slideshow will be graded and entered into the gradebook as a quiz grade.

Monday, May 16, 2011

More Mock Congress Info!

Periods 3, 5, and 6
1.  If you did not send me an email in the fall, please send an email to me at my gmail address:  Make sure that the email is sent from the email address that you use for GoogleDocs.  I'll be using your email for two purposes: to assemble a contact list for Mock Congress, and to invite you to the Mock Congress wiki.

2.  If you'd like to check out the beginnings of the class wiki, here are the links for periods 5 and 7:
3.  Republicans and Democrats will need to select their leaders.  You will be representing the same party as the Member of Congress from the 3rd quarter project.  Start thinking about who you'd like to lead your party.  I'll also be looking for a volunteer to be the Clerk of the Congress.  This volunteer must be a Republican.

4.  We'll be having a class briefing about Mock Congress during our next class.  This year we will be using GoogleDocs to track legislation, mark-up, and the Bill Log.  We're going to use to track the actual participation and the nature of participation of all the members of the Congress (this will be self-reported and make up the majority of your project grade).  I'm also wondering whether we should use twitter during class itself to record communication.  What are your ideas about what to include?  If we use twitter, what should our hashtags be?  What questions do you have right now about the project that I should address on Friday?

See you next class!

Mock Congress Begins!!!

The folder below contains relevant documents for the Mock Congress.  Each class will be selecting its leadership positions soon!

HoA - Homework

Week of May 16 - 20

Monday: Keen pp. 329-338
Wednesday: Friday is Current Events Day, Post your current event in the comments section of this blog post.
Friday: Domestic Policy slideshows will be presented to the class on Tuesday

Tuesday: Keen pp. 329-338
Thursday: Domestic Policy slideshow will be presented to the class on Monday.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

HoA - Homework

Tuesday: America's History pp. 861-872, 896
Thursday: No Homework

Monday: America's History pp. 813-828
Wednesday: America's History pp. 861-872, 896
Friday: Current Events Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

HoA - Homework

Monday: Mexican Revolution quiz on Friday
Friday: America's History pp. 813-828

Tuesday: Mexican Revolution Quiz on Monday

APGov Homework

Monday: Complete Take-home Quiz; take notes on the following two SCOTUS cases: Lemon v. Kurtzman and Employment Division v. Smith

Monday: Complete Take-home Quiz; bring 5 AP questions to class on Wednesday (printed on one piece of paper)
Friday: Good luck on the exam!  Breakfast in Room 3011.