Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sample Member of Congress Presentation

This powerpoint slide presentation was used by students in AP Government 3 years ago. The slides cover most of the required material, but do not sufficiently describe characteristics of the congressional district (since it's about a senator, that would have been the whole state). There is no map included or demographic information about the constituents.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AP Gov Assignments

Monday: Janda pp. 400-404
Tuesday: Review for Thursday's Ch. 12 exam
Wednesday: Review for Exam
Thursday: Work on 3rd Quarter Project
Friday: 3rd Quarter project presentations begin Monday

Tuesday: Review for Thursday's Ch. 12 Exam
Thursday: 3rd Quarter Project presentations begin Monday

Monday: Review for Wednesday's Ch. 12 Exam
Wednesday: Work on 3rd Quarter Project
Friday: 3rd Quarter Project presentations begin Tuesday

Hoa Assignments

Monday: E.V. pp. 369-375
Wednesday: E.V. pp. 377-389
Friday: E.V. pp. 389-405

Tuesday: E.V. pp. 377-389
Thursday: E.V. pp. 389-405

Monday, March 9, 2009

AP Gov - 3rd Quarter Project

The 3rd quarter project description and rubric are available on the menu on the right and by clicking the hyperlinks,

Friday, March 6, 2009

APGov Reading Assignments: March 9 - March 13

Monday: Janda pp. 370-381
Tuesday: Janda pp. 381-385
Wednesday: Janda pp. 385-389
Thursday: Janda pp. 389-395
Friday: Janda pp. 395-400

Monday: Janda pp. 374-381
Wednesday: Janda pp. 381-389
Friday: Janda pp. 389-404

Tuesday: Janda pp. 381-389
Thursday: Janda pp. 389-404

Ch. 12 Exam will held be March 18 for periods 5 and 7.
Ch. 12 Exam will be held March 19 for periods 3 and 4.

Updated Grades...

are available by clicking this link.

HoA Assignments: March 9-13

Tuesday: E.V. pp. 345-355
Thursday: E.V. pp. 356-369; I.A. outline due March 16

Monday: E.V. pp. 345-355
Wednesday: E.V. pp. 356-369; I.A. outline due March 13
Friday: E.V. pp. 369-375

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HoA Assignments

Tuesday: Prepare for Thursday's Quiz
Thursday: E.V. pp. 299-315

Wednesday: No Reading
Friday: Prepare for Tuesday's Quiz; E.V. pp. 299-315

DC Voting Rights

Several news sources have written articles recently about the role the N.R.A. is playing in the passage of the D.C. Voting Rights Act. These articles all describe the amazing influence that the N.R.A. has as an interest group on Congressional action. Read the articles and then comment below, are the N.R.A.'s actions fair and what do you think motivates the N.R.A.? There's no right or wrong answer to the question, but I'm curious to hear your views.

There will be a little extra credit for any comments posted before 10pm today.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Potential HoA Quiz Questions

2001 - Compare and contrast the leadership role of two of the following in Wars of Independence in the U.S. and Latin America: Washington, Jefferson, Bolivar, San Martin.
2002 - Assess the impact on the social classes, in at least two countries in the Americas, of the Wars of Independence in those countries.
2003 - Analyse the role of different social classes in the Wars of Independence in either the United States of Latin America.
2005 - "Wars of Independence in the Americas were primarily caused by political grievances." To what extent do you agree with this view? Support your answer with detailed reference to any one war of independence in the period 1775 to 1824.
2006 - Evaluate the relative impact of economic measures and political ideas, in promoting independence in one colony of the region.