Friday, May 21, 2010

Last Minute I.A. Info

Spacing - Make sure that your first draft is double spaced!

Cover Page - A sample cover page can be downloaded here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Internal Assessment: First Draft due Monday, May 24

Any student who wishes to sit down and go over their outline with me should plan to meet with me early next week.  Don't leave it until the last minute!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mock Congress Begins!!!

Finally, what you've been waiting for all year: Mock Congress!!
  • All relevant documents are posted on my account.
  • Your ID badge should have your name and state clearly indicated (you'll only get one ID badge, so keep it somewhere safe).
  • Your bills must be posted on GoogleDocs. You must also share your GoogleDoc with me ( and the Clerk of the Congress.  This will enable the clerk and committee chairs to mark up your bill.
  • Your first bill is due in the hopper on Wednesday, May 12th
  • Bills submitted earlier will probably reach the House floor before bills submitted on the 12th.
  • Information about your particular Congress can be found on wikispaces.
  • If you'd like to see a bill log from last year's Mock Congress click this link.
I'll be on the road this weekend with little access to email, but you can tweet me with questions!

    Wednesday, May 5, 2010

    APGov: Wednesday's Assignment

    Periods 5 & 7
    1.  Please send an email to me at my gmail address:  Make sure that the email is sent from the email address that you use for GoogleDocs.  I'll be using your email for two purposes: to assemble a contact list for Mock Congress, and to invite you to the Mock Congress wiki.

    2.  Today you must watch at least the first 65 minutes of "Advise and Consent" and complete the accompanying worksheet.  Turn in the worksheet to the substitute teacher before the end of the period.  Make sure you allow enough time to place your iPod and headphones away properly - you won't be dismissed until everything is properly put away.

    3.  If you'd like to check out the beginnings of the class wiki, here are the links for periods 5 and 7:
    4.  Republicans and Democrats will need to select their leaders.  You will be representing the same party as the Member of Congress from the 3rd quarter project.  Start thinking about who you'd like to lead your party.  I'll also be looking for a volunteer to be the Clerk of the Congress.  This volunteer must be a Democrat.

    5.  We'll be having a class briefing about Mock Congress on Friday.  This year we will be using GoogleDocs to track legislation, mark-up, and the Bill Log.  We're going to use to track the actual participation and the nature of participation of all the members of the Congress (this will be self-reported and make up the majority of your project grade).  I'm also wondering whether we should use twitter during class itself to record communication.  What are your ideas about what to include?  If we use twitter, what should our hashtags be?  What questions do you have right now about the project that I should address on Friday?

    See you Friday!

    Tuesday, May 4, 2010

    HoA - This Week's Quiz

    Here are your essay questions for this week's quiz.  When you turn in your essay on Friday, be sure that your paper is double-spaced, includes your name, and has your quiz question written on the top of page 1 of your essay.Please include the honor code at the top of your paper as well.

    Period 2, Last Names A-D
    “The Great Depression changed governments’ views of their role and responsibility.”
    With reference to one countryof the region, to what extent do you agree with this statement? (2008)

    Period 2, Last Names E-L
    To what extent was the Wall Street Crash a cause of the Great Depression of 1929? Support your argument with specific examples from one country of the region. (2007)

    Period 2, Last Names M-Z
    Analyse the causes of the Great Depression in one country in the Americas. (2006)

    Period 4, Last Names A-H
    With reference to one country of the region, analyse the causes of the Great Depression
    and assess the political impact of the Great Depression on that country.(2005)

    Period 4, Last Names I-P
    How, and with what success, did the government of any one country in the Americas try
    to solve the problems caused by the Great Depression? (2004)

    Period 4, Last Names Q-Z
    How successful were government programmes in solving problems caused by the Great
    Depression, in one country of the region? (2003)